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Take care of your team this season with our care package. Give us a budget and we will custom plan your care package. Think personalized messages and curated boxes sent directly to employees (we've sent to thousands of employees)!

Who says partying responsibly is a dull! Spice up your next corporate event with healthier and definitely tastier bites.

We got the right snacks for all your dietary requirements!

Healthy body, healthy mind. Prepare your employees for world domination by making sure their tummies are happy and energy levels are up.

We’ll work with your budget, requirements, and any other considerations you have.

Nothing forges good working relations like good gifts, and there’s no better gift than the gift of healthy deliciousness!

We have a variety of gifts available, be it for colleagues or clients.

Even something as simple as the snacks provided can show just how much you care. Productivity begins in the mind, and we want to give your minds every boost possible.

Impress, inspire, and ignite with the right taste.

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Your snacks, your choice

  1. Unlimited snacks
  2. Fixed monthly price - never go over budget
  3. Corporate gift
  4. Meetings and workshops

Refuelling happy and awesome teams nationwide

Snack Good Do Good

We’re B Corp Certified which means we're constantly working towards a sustainable business, doing our best to do good for our team, our snackers, our community and our suppliers. Snacking with us helps train and employ people in vulnerable communities through employment and training opportunities.


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