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At Boxgreen, we take ourselves lightly, and snacking seriously.

Since 2014, we’ve been on a quest to make our business a force for good for all those we work with. We repeat “happy healthy people and planet” at least 10 times a day and Boxgreen is our way of bringing people together, creating meaning behind every snack.

How do we do that? Well, it all starts with creating job opportunities for those who need it most. We believe in the power of human potential, breaking down the hiring barriers for the marginalized.

We are a private employee-owned company that believes In the potential of the people we work with, more than in their resumes.

Meet Andrew and Walter

We started Boxgreen in 2014, packing snack packs in a tiny living room to help busy people like yourself live a healthier and happier life. Today, we are packing snacks in Singapore’s most secure facility.

Hundreds of different snacks have gone through our kitchen and our stomachs. We don’t always get it right, something tasty to us may seem like cardboard to others. But that makes every day different and exciting. Thanks for snacking with us and allowing us to do what we love every day!

energy booster

heart healthy

protein punch


fiber full

responsible sourcing

We care about what you eat!

empowering communities

Our Inclusive Hiring Model


We’re working closely with ex-offenders in Singapore via training programmes and employment opportunities. They have become an integral part of our process: blending and packing snacks, sorting out boxes, and making sure every package is good to go.

We believe everyone should have a second chance and an opportunity to contribute to the wider community. Gainful employment helps to achieve this by building dignity, self-esteem and a sense of purpose. We are incredibly privileged to play a small part in helping people along the way in their journey!

Inclusive Hiring for Refugees

Our world is changing and the number of displaced people are growing. So many refugees have a hard time finding decent work. That’s why some of the Boxgreen magic happens remotely!

In the past, our customer support team has included refugees and asylum seekers. We've worked with third parties on the ground, and we’ve seen first-hand the positive ripple effect that this job can have. It’s not charity: it’s honest pay for an honest day’s work.

Our onboarding program provided them with access to the necessary technology and enabled people within their communities to find work that supports them and their families during their period of transition.

We're currently exploring restarting this initiative and finding more ways to work together with such disenfranchised communities.

care for the planet

We think holistically about sustainability, keeping people and planet at its core.

We’re focused on reducing the amount of material used in our packaging, and all our boxes are made of recycled material, and are 100% recyclable. While our snack packaging contains plastic, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve by reducing the amount of plastic used. It’s an ever evolving balancing act as we also want to ensure our packaging does what it was designed to do. Short shelf lives can result in lots of sad faces and wasted snacks!

We recognize the positive impact of bringing our stakeholders along for the ride, using our partnerships as a way to encourage better practices in packaging, sourcing and transportation. We’re learning together through our sustainability journey, and we’re committed for the long haul.

We’re B Corp Certified

We’re B Corp Certified which means we're constantly working towards a sustainable business, doing our best to do good for our team, our snackers, our community and our suppliers. Snacking with us helps train and employ people in vulnerable communities through employment and training opportunities.

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