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Snacks & Nutrition

  1. Are your snacks suitable for vegans?

    We have a range of snacks that do not contain animal derived products in their ingredients including all the nut and fruit based snacks. Check out our Vegan category to view these snacks.

    Please note that all our snacks are packed in a facility that handles non-vegan food.

  2. Are your snacks gluten free?

    A majority of our snacks do not contain gluten. the ones that contain gluten or slight traces of gluten include granolas and certain baked snacks. Check out our Gluten-Free category to view a list of snacks that fit this criteria.

    Please note that all our snacks are packed in a facility which handles products that contain gluten, so cross-contamination is possible.

  3. Are your snacks catered for people with allergies?

    Our snacks are not suitable for people with allergies as they are produced and packed in a facility that handles tree and ground nuts, soy, dairy, and non-vegan products.

  4. Are your snacks Halal?

    Our snacks are not certified Halal by MUIS at the moment. However we make sure to attain halal certificates for all our ingredients and ensure that there are no pork or alcohol ingredients in our snacks. We have also worked with a Halal consultant to ensure that our range of products meet the guidelines set out by MUIS.

  5. Do you use artificial sweeteners or flavourings?

    We do not add artificial sweeteners or flavourings to our snacks. Herbs and spices make the magic happen. Also plain nuts taste really great on its own!

  6. What is the shelf life of the snacks?

    Our snacks are fresh and free from nasty preservatives, and we’ve opted to use packaging material that’s easier to recycle, hence the snacks tend to have a shorter shelf life. Depending on the packaging size, shelf-life ranges from 3 to 6 months. You can find the best before date at the back of every pack of snacks. Remember to keep your snacks in a cool and dry area!

  7. Why have the nuts become less crunchy?

    Moisture is one of the main causes of nuts going soft. Nut mixes that contain dried fruits may start to become less crunchy faster as there is some moisture in the fruits that transfer over to the nuts. In our larger kraft packaging, we have included a pack of food-safe silica dessicant to absorb moisture in the ingredients to extend the shelf-life. Our single-serve packaged snacks have shorter shelf-life as a result.

    We're constantly looking into new technology and packaging to further extend the shelf-life and quality of all our products. This is major for us as we also want to reduce wastage due to spoilage of QC issues.

  8. Which are the healthiest snacks?

    All of our snacks are below 200 calories per serving, with some under 150 calories so you can be sure you’re in safe hands! Many of our snacks are labelled with a health badge, such as high protein, high fiber, and bursting with antioxidants! However, no one snack is the healthiest. All our snacks are have different types of vitamins and minerals, and we believe it's always a good idea to mix and match.

  9. What are the sizes of the snacks?

    Each snack pack varies, but is around an average weight of 13g-30g, perfect for a single-serving of snack so things don’t get out of control.

  10. Where do you source your ingredients from?

    Our ingredients come from all around the world and we try as best as possible to work with suppliers who have direct contact with the farms. For snacks ingredients that are processed, we source them from trusted suppliers who have ISO 2200 facilities to ensure that there is ample controls around production.

    If you are interested in supplying us with awesome ingredients, email us at and our squirrels will be happy to hear from you!

  11. Where are your snacks packed?

    Our snacks are all packed in our food factory in the east of Singapore.

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