Snack Munchies Harvest

Snack Munchies Harvest


The Snack Munchies Harvest bundle includes 1 Variety Box and 4 varieties of snacks from the crunchies range

12 snacks included in a snack box 
Top popular snacks
4 varieties of sweet & savoury

6 varieties of crunchies


3 x Coffee Almond Biscotti with Red Quinoa 25g
3 x Honey Mustard Soya Crisp 25g
3 x Umami Shiitake Mushroom Chips 15g
3 x Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites 30g

2 x Crunchies Coffee Almond Biscotti 150g
2 x Crunchies Honey Mustard Soy Crips 130g
2 x Crunchies Pretzel Peanut Dark Chocolate 130g
2 x Crunchies Sriracha Multigrain Crackers 150g
1 x Crunchies Umami Shiitake Mushroom Chips 70g
1 x Crunchies Mexican Rice Crackers w/ Baked Cashews 130g


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What comes with it?

Cheng Tng Almond Mix

Lotus Seed, Goji Berry, Baked Toasted Almond, Longan

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Protein Boost Nut Mix

Edamame, Almond, Brown Sugar Broad Bean, Cashew

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Sriracha Multigrain Crunch

Sriracha Multigrain Chip, Peanut, Soy Bean

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Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites

Unsalted Peanuts, Pretzels, Cashews, Dark Chocolate Chips

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