Super cute food to make when you're sad

Super cute food to make when you're sad

Sometimes your mood is at the lowest and everything seems to go wrong. Spilled coffee, a terrible meeting and on top of that, you missed the bus. Damn.

... but hey, the day isn't over yet and there are things you can do to make your bad day a better one – like looking at pictures of cute food or having them as a treat.

A chocolate dog


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Calories don't count when we're sad and besides, you could just get a twix bar and make a cute dog out of it! Nothing a chocolate can't fix, right?

Full tutorial here.

Cloudy side up 


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It's raining blueberries and happy clouds! An instant mood booster in just less than 5 minutes!

Happy lunchbox of goodness


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Because desperate times call for motivational quotes on breads. Yes, you rock; don't let a bad day or a bad someone bring you down!

Totoros and more Totoros 


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You know that rain scene in the Totoro movie? Where totoro appears in the rain with an umbrella to shelter the little girl. That's how I feel when I see these little ones. *wipes tears*

Heart-shaped eyes emojis pancake 


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These heartwarming heart-shaped eyes emojis are better to look at than those in our phones <3 Maybe when they told us to put down our phones and start connecting in real life, real life emoji pancakes were what they meant.

Floating marshmallow cats 


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Mmmm, meow-riffic lattes! Even when nothing seems to go right, I will meow-ways be here for you.

Learn how to make it here.

Rainbow Salad Jar

salad jar

When days are dark, make a rainbow salad and be proud of it! Watch the tutorial here.

Panda ice cream cake


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Kai Kai and Jia Jia just transformed into an ice cream cone. Just look at those puppy eyes – oops, I mean Oreo eyes.

A bento surprise!


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I will eat my greens when it looks like this, won't you too? ;) 

Hamtaro rice ball


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Can't talk, squealing in progress 😍🤩😍


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