Office snacking that is completely guilt-free

Office snacking that is completely guilt-free

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
– François de la Rochefoucauld

Who said snacking was evil? Here are some foolproof ways that will allow you to snack smartly in the office without any feelings of guilt.

Not more than 2 snacks a day


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A study in the US found that a higher eating frequency like three meals and two snacks a day may be important for weight management. Have snacks once or twice a day but not more than that. Otherwise, you may exceed your daily calorie intake limit.

Make one snack a fruit


A good idea would be to make at least one out of the two snacks from fruits or vegetables. These are high in fiber, vitamins and low in calories. Click here for some awesome fruit platters and salad ideas!

Choose snacks below 200 calories


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Stay away from snacks that are loaded with sugar and trans fat as they tend to exceed 200 calories. This means switching your sugar-laden biscuits, keropok, and chocolates to healthier alternatives like a handful of nuts, dark chocolate (70% cocoa), fruits, low sugar red bean soup and high protein spreads like hummus. Choose snacks that come in per serving bag sizes below 200 calories. Boxgreen's snacks come in single serve packs of less than 200 calories so you know you won't snack till no end!

Indulge once a week


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Let’s be real, we all have our guilty pleasures and cravings. You don’t have to eat healthy all the time, and like what Michelle Obama says "My motto in our household is that if 90% of our diet is healthy, that 10% just doesn’t kill you." So go ahead, reward yourself with that slice of well-deserved cake.  

Keep unhealthy snacks in dark containers


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A Google experiment found that people tend to reach for junk food less often when it’s kept in opaque containers and reached out for healthy snacks kept in transparent containers. What a great way to deal with constant temptations. Out of sight, out of mind! Here's a few more practical hacks to stop munching on wasted calories.

Portion out your snacks


You may not be aware of the amount you’re consuming when you eat snacks straight out of a bag. Always keep a small bowl, or preferably, a saucer with you to portion out your snacks. If getting a small bowl is too much trouble, these snacks come in portion sized packs, so you're definitely in safe hands!

Snacks with benefits


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Choose a snack with at least one health benefit. It could be one that is high in protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, or rich in vitamins and minerals. Here are some great snack you could bring along to work! Snacking can be snacking fun, easy and nutritious. :)

Remember, health is wealth! Let's all learn to take good care of our bodies by eating better. ♡

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