10 Office Habits You Should Take Up

10 Office Habits You Should Take Up

Spending at least a good 8 hours at work almost everyday should give us a reason to start redefining how we work in the office. It doesn’t have to be a great change but with small tiny tweaks in your habits could really change the way you work and your productivity. Here are 10 office habits you should take up for greater productivity and a healthier lifestyle.

1. Bring your own lunch

Pack your own lunch box to work! This forces you to plan what you want to bring to work and giving you more time to think through what you want to have. As such, you are more likely to prepare a healthier option to consume instead of settling for a quick meal. It may seem like a hassle but it’s worth the time for your health. The bonus point is that you get to feel a sense of accomplishment for cooking and eating healthier. In fact, that is what is happening here at Boxgreen! The interns here have decided to make Mondays and Thursdays ‘Bring Your Own Food’ days. You could start out with 2 days and slowly amp it up to 3 or hopefully every day! Some of the food we’ve brought in so far includes:

  • Soba - with Salmon/Chicken
  • Salad - with Chicken/Pasta
  • Pasta - Carbonara/Aglio Olio
  • Kimchi fried rice
  • Sandwiches
Healthy lunch - salad with salmon

2. Healthy Snacks

We all know how we’ll feel munchy halfway through the day. It’ll definitely be more beneficial if you’re snacking on something less sinful. Apart from trying to be more health conscious, snacking healthily can actually help you work better. We’ll definitely recommend our snacks for your daily munches. Your office pantry really makes a difference in helping or harming you. If you think you want a healthier office pantry, sound out to your boss or human resources — don’t suffer in silence!

3. Stand up breaks/Desk stretching

Does your butt ache or legs feel numb after sitting down for 8 hours straight? If it doesn’t, please comment down below on how you do it! We came across these articles and have adopted some of the exercises ever since. We guarantee that they really help with a better blood circulation down your leg and making work more comfortable. Apart from desk exercises, maybe you could try working while standing up. It’s a growing trend for offices to have more stand up desks and it really helps (trust us on it). Do let us know your favourite or go-to desk exercise in the comments section down below!

Credits: TNW

4. Take a break from the screen

Remember how we were taught as kids to look out the window and stare at something green for 5-15 minutes? Well, we could stick to that because it’ll really help. In this 21st century we live in, we wake up to check our screens and move away from one screen to look at another. Staring at the screen really strains our eyes when we don’t take breaks in between. This could result in dry and irritated eyes which would eventually affect our mood, energy and productivity. It’s just taking a few minutes off your busy schedule to rest your eyes. I know it may seem impossible to steer away from your screens but it’s necessary!

5. Take a walk if necessary

“But I’m at work” — I know it seems almost ridiculous to ask you to take a walk in the middle of the day with all the deadlines to meet. However, taking a walk could mean walking to the pantry or walking to the toilet that’s further, or walking to clarify with your colleague instead of texting. Ideally, you could take a short walk to the roof for some fresh air before getting back to work. Just don’t take too long of a break!

6. Midday exercise

This is a growing trend that you could hop on. There are more and more express yoga/pilates classes during lunch breaks. The best part is that there are several studios in the CBD area with lunch timings. If you think that these are suitable for you and your colleagues, you could bring this up to human resources. Maybe they’ll be able to allocate a wellness day/programme for the company.

7. Work Outside

If you are fortunate enough to have flexible working hours or your company has adopted remote working, you could try taking one day to work at a different location. Cafes are amazing places to be at — chill vibes and most importantly, a new environment. Sometimes, we just need a switch in the environment we’re working in to inspire us. This really helps with creative flow and productivity. If your company doesn’t have this, maybe this is a new idea to bring up at the next meeting with HR.

8. 'Me' Time

So what do you do during your breaks? Do what you’ve got to do for your “me” time. Be it reading a small chapter of a book or meditating, it’ll help in giving you more motivation to push through the day. So next time when you take a mini-break, don’t mindlessly scroll through Instagram. Perhaps, more food for your soul would be better.

9. Lots and lots of water

This is self-explanatory — 8 cups of water should do the trick. By doing so, hopefully, you’ll tone down on the daily coffee intake.

10. Clean Desk

Why would having a clean desk matter? It’s the same as asking you - ‘why would having a clean house matter’. Face it, your workplace is the second place that you spend most of your time at, apart from your home. It’s crucial that you keep your desk decluttered and organised for optimal working conditions. Here are some ideas on how to organise your table.

All in all, these are just a few tips on how to make your working life better. Hopefully, you can turn them to habits. It takes 21 days to make a habit but it takes 90 days to change a lifestyle. If you’re working for a good portion of your life, it’s best to make some healthy changes to your work lifestyle.

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