10 Corporate Team Building Ideas that are actually fun

10 Corporate Team Building Ideas that are actually fun

A solid, motivated team is a powerful weapon to have in this ever competitive world. Team building is the key to this. Employees who are closer to their fellow colleagues tend to make a stronger team, and possess better team communication, creative discussions, and problem solving skills. This in turn boosts overall productivity. If you're stuck thinking about what to do for your team, here are some interesting ideas for you!

The Ultimate Team Cook-Off

Buy a bunch of random ingredients and challenge teams to prepare the most creative, or nutritious dish! Book a cooking studio at the nearest community centre, arrange your teams and begin the battle! (Let's just hope that there won't be any burnt fish). Otherwise, check out the folks at Kitchen Showdown for interesting culinary team building events.

Go-Kart Racing

The thrill of speeding around in go karts will make for an unforgettable experience for the team. It's a fresh change from the usual team bonding activities, and will definitely be something everyone will look forward to! Head down to the KF1 Karting track for an exhilarating time!

Speed Dating (Corporate Style)

Here's a really budget friendly, ice-breaking idea for you. Adapt the concept of speed dating but of course, not the element of dating. Each person would have to talk about themselves for a minute at a time. This will help to form friendships and establish common interests.

Battle Of The Bands

As the saying goes, music is a universal language that brings people from all walks of life together. It's suitable for a diverse team and no one will be left out as everyone has an important role to play. Form bands and practice a simple song before the final battle round! Otherwise, Team music offers programmes for small to large teams without any music experience.

Picture Credit: http://www.teammusic.com.sg/

Board Games (Taboo, Cluedo, Charades)

Board games are a fun and cost effective way to bond the team together. Being able to strategise with your team will help with understanding the qualities and strengths of each person. Allocate a fun board game hour every week or once a month for a laughing good time.

Escape Room

Probably one of the best team bonding activities that ever existed. Unlike sports or outdoor activities, this will usually not receive a large groan among participants. The team will have to crack their brains together and work towards a common goal, all with an element of fun! These guys Xcape, Escape Hunt, are pretty fun, do check them out!

Picture Credit: http://www.xcape.sg/

Improvisation Theatre

Take this opportunity to bring out the creative edge of your team! For this activity, teams will have to develop a skit (preferably comical) and showcase it at the end of the day. Finally, some hilarious photos you could hang on the walls of the office! Check out Village Singapura for an exciting drama improvisation and culture appreciation with the team.

Picture credits: http://www.londonbubble.org.uk/page/adult-drama-groups/

Lindy Hop Class

This dance class has a team building edge to it as it requires you to partner up and switch from partner to partner for the length of the class. It's easy to pick up basic moves and perform a small partner choreography by the end of the class. Book a Lindy Hop class for your team here!

Parkour Activities

Tired of always having to repeat the same sports activity? Give your team a completely new experience(Yes! No more marathons and bootcamps), with an exhilarating parkour relay with colleagues. Head over to A2 Parkour for your first Parkour experience.

Picture Credit: http://www.a2movements.com/#!A2-movement-Singapore-parkour/ch/1

Sport Activities With The Disabled Community

Connecting with the disabled community in Singapore through engaging sports activities like dragon boating and bootcamp will help to build empathy in your team. Empathy and understanding is essential in a customer and client oriented business as it helps the team cater to the client's needs. Society Stables, a social enterprise in Singapore, are devoted to creating the best team building experiences. Check them out for a customised programme for your team!

Picture Credit: http://triblive.com/lifestyles/fitnessrec/1925419-74/league-needs-special-miracle-autism-field-pirates-rowing-adults-association

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