✓ awesome huatpacks in the year of the dog ✓ quirky suitcase carrier with a(dog)-rable prints  ...

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✓ awesome huatpacks in the year of the dog
✓ quirky suitcase carrier with a(dog)-rable prints 
✓ 4 varieties of healthy festive goodies

1. mandarin chia cookies
yum “chia” with your family with a chia filled zesty mandarin cookies that’s also a good source of anti-oxidants
ingredients: butter, sugar, whole egg, almonds, chia seeds, crushed orange peel, baking powder, flour, salt

2. ginger beetroot snaps
biscotti slices infused with ginger and mandarin with a natural beetroot colour for that festive hue
ingredients: flour, sugar, almond, candied orange peel, whole egg, beetroot juice, ginger, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium bicarbonate, salt

3. natural sambal kacang mix
made with all natural ingredients free from MSG. almonds, cashews and sambal crunchies for your savoury fix
ingredients: almond, cashew nuts, sambal chilli prawn paste, flour, water, dry shrimp, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, salt, yeast, bread improver, emulsifier, wheat malt, dextrose, soy flour, rapeseed oil, acidity regulator, flour enhancer

4. coco pineapple cluster.
coconut and pineapple bits packed into a fruity bundle with just the right amount of sweetness
ingredients: coconut flakes, powdered sugar, water, glycerine, dried pineapple, butter, flour, oat wholemeal flakes, bread mix, brown sugar, whole egg, baking powder, vanilla powder, cinnamon

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