Marvellous Murukku Mix

image of marvellous murukku mix

The marvellous murukku, simple yet oh so yummy. A crunchy blend of multigrain murukku, cashews and soya crisps infused with a blend of natural spices. Marvel and munch on!


Cashews, Wheat Starch, Sunflower Oil, Chives, Soya Bean Solids, Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Barley Meal, Rice Flour, Oat Meal, Rye Meal, Salt, Onion, Malt Extract, Soy Sauce, Sesame Seeds, Garlic.

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per serving size: ~25 g
Amount per serving
Calories (Kcal)137.0
Protein2.2 g
Total Fat9.4 g
Saturated Fat1.3 g
Carbohydrate10.7 g
Total Sugar1.6 g
Sodium167.0 mg