Snack Monster Hamper

Snack Monster Hamper

$53.90 Regular price $69.90

Our snack monster hampers are great as a gift, to feed a crowd or... ahem just for yourself (we don't judge ;)

Bundle contains:

1x Jar of All-Natural Almond Butter
1x Choco Twilight Biscotti
1x Coffee Almond Crumble Bar 
1x Sriracha Multigrain Crunch
1x Variety Snack Box with 12 packs of snacks - 

Variety Snack Box Contains: 
3 x Peri Peri Soya Crisps 25g*
3 x Coffee Almond Crunch 24g
3 x Omega Booster 30g
3 x Sunshine Chips 25g

*items will be packed in our Boxgreen paper bags. Snack variety may vary depending on availability

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