Source of protein

Go go Protein Ranger! We all need protein to keep things running swimmingly in our bodies. It helps to curb cravings and unhealthy late night snacking. A small portion goes a long way!
152 calories
medium image of nutty knight
Source of proteinAntioxidants
Hazelnut, Raisin, Peanut, Cranberry...
131 calories
medium image of figgy nut jumble
Source of protein
Figs, Almond, Cashew (sea salt), Raisin...
144 calories
medium image of the black ninja
Source of proteinAntioxidants
Cashew, Almond, Black Bean, Edamame, Cra...
160 calories
medium image of peanut pretzel muddy bites
Source of protein
Peanut, Pretzel, Cashew, Dark Chocolate...
145 calories
medium image of macritchie midnight
Source of fiberSource of protein
pumpkin seed, cranberry, hazelnut, choco...